Sunday, 2 July 2017

Warp Zone Video Game Art Show 2017: 5th Edition

The Warp Zone Video Game Art Show is celebrating its milestone 5th anniversary show!

Invading Amsterdam on Saturday, September 9th 2017


ADDRESS: Vondelbunker, Vondelpark 8, Amsterdam (in the bridge)


13:30 - Opening speech

14:30 - Chiptunes with Carf Darko

from 15:00 - gHST rADIO ambient chill zone (outside in the Vondeltent)

16:00 - Happy 8 bit gameboy music with Popsicle Theory

Warp Zone annually showcases art that pays tribute to the wonderful world of video games. All forms of art are welcome in the gallery as long as they are playful or related to video games and video game culture: games, art, chip tunes, performances, good company and beer in the Vondelbunker! Previous years have showcased artwork by artists from Tokyo, Amsterdam, New York, Australia and more!

All proceeds raised at the bar keep the Vondelbunker's doors open. So you can get drunk, AND feel good about yourself for keeping such a fab location running. ;)

Are you an artist? Then we want you! Don't hesitate and send a proposal today to mollyheadycarroll(at)gmail(dot)com

(The deadline for proposals is 1 August 2017)

Warp Zone is part of The Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam: an extraordinary annual 10 day celebration showcasing the very best of Amsterdam’s Underground Art & Performance. Visit

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