Monday, 12 September 2016

Warp Zone Video Game Art Show 2016 Photos

Thank... You... So... MUUUUUUCCHHH to everyone who came to Warp Zone on Saturday!!! :D
It went so well. Lots of work got sold, lots of attendance and lots of great performances. Its so great to see the Warp Zone community grow every year. I especially love it when previous participants bring in new artists. Giving a platform to people who don't have one (but totally deserve one!) is why I organize the show every year. 
The next event we will be organizing is probably the game jam in January. See you there!

(Photos belong to Molly Heady-Carroll, Vincent Koerse, Anne Bras, Jeff Blipsqueek and Alexander Chi Ho Ho.)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Molly talks Warp Zone Video Game Art Show 2016

WARP ZONE, the annual art show paying tribute to the wonderful world of video games, is this Saturday! September 10th from 13:00 at de Vondelbunker

Back for its fourth year! The show features a collection of original art pieces by multiple artists celebrating games and gaming culture : games, art, chip tunes, performances, good company and beer in the Vondelbunker!

For the full Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam programme visit: